Fruit Source by Sun Rype

While at the National Women’s Home Show with Jackie a couple of weekends ago, as we were leaving we were handed a box of Fruit Source Bars in the strawberry flavour.

I had them sitting on the kitchen counter so they were constantly in view but they didn’t call to me at all. I was though, in a munchie mood on Wednesday evening and was rummaging my cabinets looking for something to eat without really having a sucky food day. So I grabbed a bar.

The bar’s ingredients are apple and strawberry puree concentrates, apple and elderberry and lemon juice concentrates, apple pomace, citrus pectin and natural flavour. The bar has 130 calories.

The bar tasted like I had grabbed a tablespoon, opened up a jar of strawberry jam and helped myself to it. I wanted to wrap it up in a piece of bread and spread some peanut butter on it to complete the idea that I was eating jam. Needless to say with those two statements I didn’t finish the bar, I ate less than half of it and decided I couldn’t finish it.

I have a box, less one, now sitting on my kitchen cupboard of which I will not touch. They will come to work with me on Monday - I’m sure my coworkers will ensure they don’t go to waste.