Monday Blahs

I did not sleep well last night at all and I did not want to take a pill to do so. So I tossed and turned til about 4am. In order to get a bit more sleep, I went into work late and will make up the 1.5 hours by the end of the week easily.

Yesterday was another crappy food day - I’m kind of in a funk (yes, yet again) but more or less about the move and the missing of the FWB. With his change in job hours, I cannot just pick up the phone and call anymore and this weekend was totally off limits as he was working and had his daughter’s birthday. I haven’t yet moved but feel him slipping away. I know we will be friends and he will welcome calls from me but I will miss the ‘he and I’.

Anyways back to HO things, the scale is only up 2lbs from my weekend of bad eating, which is a pleasant surprise as normally I’m up 3-5lbs. So if I have a good week, I could have another loss on Saturday…yay!

I have a meeting with my new landlord tonight after bootcamp and then plan to come home and sleep.

Bootcamp tonight - arms. I am also planning on running the 1km route prior to as well.