My Arms Are Gonna Fall Off

I almost ditched bootcamp tonight. I was moody and tired and my new landlord had to cancel our meeting tonight (family emergency at the hospital with his sister and no worries, the apt is definitely mine) and all I thought about was driving home and going to bed.

But I didn’t skip, I sucked it up and went. Tonight was arms and boy she was not nice. I’m pretty sure I am going to feeling a bit sore tomorrow. I didn’t get in a 1km run prior as I left work later than norm and it was raining…so you know people drive like they are driving in snow :P

Dinner tonight was cereal - I just had this urge for milk and cereal though I wasn’t exactly sure what cereal I wanted. So from bootcamp I drove directly to the grocery store, picked up some 1% and Mini Shredded Wheats. They were delish and hit the spot.

Tomorrow I have a meeting from 10am to 2pm and we are having Swiss Chalet for lunch. I have already pre-ordered and did not make a wise choice in that my meal (Chicken BLT) comes with fries. However with that being said, I will modify the rest of my days calories and only eat half of the fries and half of the wrap. The other half will be saved for lunch on Wednesday. Or maybe, I may just not eat the fries at all. I shouldn’t eat them, I don’t need them and half a Chicken BLT wrap is not a bad lunch choice. The fries though…bad choice. Yes, I have a dilemma.

Water today SUCKED, I haven’t even finished 3 cups! Food was good, the cereal rounded out the day in a good fibre-licious way :)

Sorry for a boring post, I’m going to go take a pill and go to bed. 9.5 hours of straight sleep sounds wonderful.