Quick Thurs Update

Well I didn’t get to the gym, 6am rolled on by and I slept until 730am. It is 209pm and I am super duper tired which I think is because of the large meal I had for lunch (cedar plank salmon and mashed potatoes thanks to Canyon Creek). I so want to skip the Doc appointment and just head home and go to bed. Especially considering I’m pretty sure that all the Doc is going to do is laugh at me when I tell him about my terrible mood swings (including today, I could cry at a drop of a hat, but not sure why), problems sleeping (when I’m not depressed), etc and that I want meds and a referral to a therapist. I found out yesterday that a therapist cannot prescribe me any drugs…my Doc has to, so I could be walking out prescription-less for my constant depression.

I do need more Famvir though and I would like to see what he thinks about the patch of discoloured skin on my forehead so I will go. But I would much prefer to go home to bed.

My gym bag is in the car though…just in case I get that urge to work out after the jasmin live sessions, probably not, but the option is there, lol.

Workin’ From Home

I’m working from home today and that is going to be hard on my food routine. It is easy for me to stay on plan at work, but at home, very difficult.

For breakfast I had the norm, a bagel with cream cheese. I have my water here beside me which I’ve not yet touched, the goal is to try and get in my normal 6 cups (yes better would be good, but I can live with 6). Also there will be no exercise tonight as I will not be venturing out in this weather which means I miss ‘The Gauntlet’, my favourite workout.

Anyways, going to post this - got lots of adult cams work to do. It is nice to be able to work in my PJs, but it takes a lot of discipline for me to do so.

I Didn’t Wanna But I Did

This week for some reason I am having a hard time with the act of going to Bootcamp. I go mind you (knock on wood!) but I have to talk myself into it. I’m tired. Not body tired, brain tired. It doesn’t help that I am not sleeping well and last night Squeaky decided he needed to yowl his head off til about 2am. That was my fault - I kept thinking he would eventually stop but he didn’t so I finally got up (at 2am, lol) and threw him in the washroom. I slept well from then on.

It’s only 819pm and I’m ready for bed. I just finished dinner (cereal) though so I think I will wait another hour. Also, I’m cold - which is part of me being…tired. Endless circle!

Tonight bootcamp was lower body which consists of squats, lunges, squats…some more lunges and so on and so forth. I have definitely come far lower body wise which is a great feeling. Tomorrow is ‘The Gauntlet’ which you guys know I love, but I may not be doing it - if the weather is as bad as they say it is going to be, I will be working from home and won’t be venturing out…even for bootcamp.


Not Going Nowhere!

Well we here in Southern Ontario have a nice winter storm warning starting tonight with ice pellets and then snow into tomorrow. I was suppose to go see Jeff tonight but I canceled as even I am not the silly to risk life and limb for a good time.

We have rescheduled for Saturday - dinner and a Jasminelive movie. He did suggest Pete’s Market and I agreed but a coworker mentioned that it is the US’s Thanksgiving and more than likely the border will be extremely busy - so we may want to rethink that.

With the winter storm warning I have already sent out an email to my colleagues that I may be working from home. I have already downloaded all my month/year end files - nice thing about my company…they care and so it is not a big deal.

Ate my 2nd Mars Dark and I’m still hungry. It’s not thirst but hunger. Trying to keep calories low because of a bad day is hard…how do you tell your body to use those calories instead? LOL


Traffic TodayTraffic was horrendous this morning (click thumbnail for bigger photo) and it was just RAIN. it took me 90 minutes to get to work as per my Hamilton watch (actually I have an ESPRIT - but you get my drift). Tonight and tomorrow we have a weather warning out for ice pellets and snow - do I need to leave for work at 5am so I’m not late? The move cannot come fast enough…kinda (lol).

Today I have an NSV to share. For those who don’t know what that stands for, it is NON-SCALE VICTORY. Too many times we let the scale dictate how our weight loss efforts are doing but sometimes the scale doesn’t co-operate so we need to find other ways to see our progression.

So today I would like to let you know that I am wearing a pair of 7/8 Jacob corduroy brown pants. I haven’t worn these since December 2005. I didn’t need to pour myself in them nor did I need to lay down to do them up. The waist fits nice…the thighs though - I kind of feel sausage like, especially with the colour, LOL. But I’m in them…and that is a huge thing for me. This means that even though the scale has not moved very much since I started Survivor Bootcamp, I have drastically changed my body from a size 12 to around a 8/9/10 (depends on make) and my thighs are coming along slowly. They are the last things to really slim down for me because as I have noted before - that is where most of my fat cells are; after the tummy tuck in August 2005 and lipo at the hips when I regained 35lbs, it went to my ass and thighs.

On a different note, I signed up for a flu shot today. It is free here in Canada and my workplace is bringing in VON to have a flu clinic at both of our locations. I’ve never had one, have you?

Catch you later!

Feel Them Abs!

I almost, once again, skipped bootcamp so I could go home and sleep. But fought the urge and went. I also ran the 1km prior to and then ran it again with the class. We then worked our core and man was she a drill sargent tonight! We really didn’t stop moving the whole time, great workout!

Food today was definitely not as planned. I ate both halves of the wrap and all the fries. I ate over 1,200 calories at lunch! Eek! Ah well, I can do some calorie modifications over the next few days to even out the big day I had today - no worries.

Water today was 6 cups and could have easily been 9 had I actually started drinking as I walked into the house tonight, bad me. Instead I had a bowl of cereal…see why I need to do some modifications over the next couple of days? I wasn’t hungry, I just needed to eat and I caved in.

Anyways, it is 913pm and I’m thinking of calling it a nigh. Tomorrow, I am going go to see Jeff…and may have my condo sale go final.