Support Landvernd’s (Icelandic Environment Association) demand that the Highlands – the heart of Iceland – should be spared the proposed construction


The Icelandic Highlands form one of the largest territories in Europe, south of the Arctic Circle, which has never been inhabited or cultivated. The area is renowned for its unparalleled geology and geomorphology; pristine oases in the midst of an exceptionally contrasting landscape that is formed by a unique combination of fire and ice. Therefore, the Icelandic Highlands are considered one of the last great wildernesses in Europe.

Over the last few decades, the Highlands have been under siege, threatened by increasing pressure to build power plants, paved roads, and power lines. Specifically, there are proposals to make a paved road across Kjölur plateau, another paved road across Sprengisandur plateau along with high-voltage power lines, and Icelandic power companies are preparing to build at least four power plants in the Highlands. In a Capacent-Gallup poll in 2011, the majority of respondents (56%) said they favored a national park in the Highlands. The proposed projects would thus be at odds with the will of the nation. In addition, more than 80% of foreign tourists say that the Icelandic nature is their main reason for visiting Iceland.

Please sign this petition, and thereby support Landvernd’s (Icelandic Environment Association) demand that the Highlands – the heart of Iceland – should be spared the proposed construction.

vefkort-hjarta-landsins-final (1)
Tungnaárlón and Bjallar Power plant
River Hverfisfljót
The Jökulsá rivers in Skagafjörður
1_hagongulon og haganga 2
Hágöngur and Skrokkalda
Hvítá. Mats
Hvítá River
Hólmsá river

The following NGO´s stand firmly to provide protection to the highlands


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What Makes The Right Motorcycle Hitch Carrier?

What Makes The Right Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

First of all, let us address what a motorcycle hitch carrier is, it is an equipment that is used to carry motorcycles on the back of a car or a truck. When you buy something like this there are a few things you need to consider, otherwise, you might not be able to get the right one.

Thankfully you have us to help you out if do not know the thing to look for. Here we go!

How Much Weight It Can Carry?

Personally, I believe one of the most important things for you to consider when buying a hitch carrier for your motorcycle is to see how much weight it will be able to carry. This is important as it should be compatible with your motorcycles. Otherwise, there is a chance the carrier will break and that might damage your motorcycle.

Most of the carries should be able to carry a weight of about 400 to 600 pounds. You will be able to get information about the weight limit from the manual or could ask the seller. In either of the cases, you need to have prior knowledge about the weight of the motorcycle when it has a full tank.

What Is It Built with?

Just as the weight limit of the hitch carrier is important, the materials used to make it also very important as that will be the deciding factor behind how much weight it can carry. You can either choose to buy ones made from steel or aluminum, there are advantages of using both kinds of carriers.

motorcycle hitch carrier

The steel ones will be able to carry more weight and more resilient, but the main problem behind getting them is that they need to be treater before they are able to perform well. But when it comes to aluminum that is not something you need to worry about, but it will not be able to carry as much weight as the steel ones.

You could choose either of these, but you have to consider what you require more.

Is It Easy to Install?

We never want to get something that is very difficult and time-consuming to install. That is especially true if you are new at installing equipment such as this. You should look for a hitch carrier that can be installed without much problem. The instruction manual should be easy enough to read and follow along with.

And once you see that the carrier is compatible with your motorcycle all the other things should come together without a problem.


The price we pay for an item is one of the most important things we take a look at. The hitch carrier you buy should match up to the price you are paying for it. Well, in other words, the carrier should be worth the price.

The more features the carrier will have, the pricier it will become. So, a carrier with lesser features will be far cheaper. But, at the end of the day, you have to take into account what you need from the carrier you are buying.


And here we have it folks, all the information you need when buying a hitch carrier. If you have any other questions then the Bikers Rights`s blog will be a helpful place to get more information.

Beginner BMX Tricks and Safety Issues


BMX is a sport in which you can perform a wide variety of stunts. We’ve seen other people do it, and we have tried to replicate it over many hours of practice. They’re tough to achieve, but once we get it right, we realize it was worth it.

It is not easy. Like any other sport, practice is what makes the master. We only need the proper instructions, the best BMX bike on the market, and our safety equipment to avoid accidents.

If you’ve got everything ready, then it is time for us to talk about the most popular BMX tricks, what you need to do them successfully, and all the preparation they require.

Safety Measures

Before we even attempt to do any stunt, it is important to have the proper safety equipment to protect us. We’re going to fall many times before mastering certain tricks, and the last thing we need is hurting our body.

A Helmet

The first thing you’ll need is a proper helmet. It will keep us from hurting our head, which is very important to avoid concussions or even brain damage. Yes, I know it sounds a bit too extreme, but there is never enough precaution when our health is on the line.

We should not take the BMX sport lightly either. The first rule to practicing any extreme sport is to understand they are dangerous. As long as we respect the sport, we’ll have a better comprehension of how dangerous it is.

Nonetheless, you should always wear a helmet. A good helmet keeps your head secured, and you can customize it as well. Adjusting the helmet to your style is quite satisfying.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Most of the stunts you’ll do with BMX require complete use of your limbs. You will need to use the strength of your arms to lift the bike, but most tricks also need us to use our legs to apply pressure.

The pads for both elbows and knees ensure your joints don’t suffer from nasty impacts.

Plenty of manufacturers sell these pads in a set. They feature a similar design, with the brand’s colors and unique characteristics. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about equipment that doesn’t match.

A Great BMX Bike

Of course, we’re going to need a proper BMX bike as well. We must remember that there are many types of bikes, which could confuse people, especially when we’re beginners.

For instance, we can find bikes like the Schwinn bikes. These bikes fall in the BMX category, and they’re good, but they are not what you want if you need to perform high-quality stunts. You want to buy a bike with a solid frame structure, with abuse-resistant tires, quality pedals, and great parts. Only the best BMX bikes are capable of performing the stunts we want to do.

Most Popular BMX Tricks

Now that you’ve got everything set to go, there are a couple of tricks we want to advise you trying. These tricks take some time, but if you practice them regularly, you’re going to master them quickly.


The J-Hop is one of the most common tricks for BMX bike riders. To do it, you must pull up your front tire and lean back. Once the front wheel is at a considerable height, you want to put pressure on the back wheel and pull up.

Tire Stall

This trick is perfect for park areas. You must drive straight forward to the transition. Here, you must perform a J-Hop and turn your bike in any direction you want, completing a 90 degrees turn. At the top of the transition, you want to hold the bike in its place and hop 90 degrees back.


The disaster is a park trick as well. Riding right to the front of the transition, you must J-Hop at the top, and perform a 180 degrees spin. As soon as you hit the ground, make sure the front wheel is in, and then hop back again.

Fakie Out

The Fakie Out might seem very simple, but it’d amaze you the amount of focus and effort it requires. To do it, you have to roll back and pedal backward at the same time. Then, do a quick turn to gain a straight position and continue riding.


Performing awesome stunts requires time, effort, and self-awareness. Before we master our technique, we’re going to fall constantly, which is why you should always have the proper preparation, and the safety measures this sport demands.

Are Cheap BMX Freestyle Bikes Any Good?


Watching people perform stunts with their BMX is quite amazing. We see it at the parks, the streets, and on television. The incredible agility that requires, as well as the beauty of the tricks, often makes us want to join and start practicing ourselves.

That’s how I first got into BMX. I used to see riders and found it astonishing how good their moves are. It was because of that reason that I decided to buy my first BMX bike.

Getting my first bike was a bit of a dilemma. The market has many, many options, and it is overwhelming for someone with no experience. It took me some time before deciding to go over a cheap BMX instead of an expensive model.

Now, I will tell you the reasons why I don’t regret buying a cheaper bike back then.

Are Cheap BMX Bikes Any Good?

Yes, they are good. However, there are specific types of riders that can take full advantage of these bikes. They offer a set of benefits that are good for some riders, but bad for others. Let me explain.

Great for Beginners

You see, when we’re initiating our way into BMX, there’s no need to make a huge investment unless you’re extremely serious about it. In my case, I decided that I needed a cheap bike because I wanted to get a grasp of what this sport is about.

It allowed me to have access to a sport that was unfamiliar to me. Sure, I had seen many people practicing it, but there’s a big difference between watching people practice it and doing it ourselves.

A cheap bike might not have the best quality, but it delivers what we need exactly to begin practicing this sport.

Affordable Equipment to Learn the Sport

After I bought my first bike, there were plenty of disappointing moments. It is better to prepare mentally because we’re going to face constant failing in this sport. It requires us to spend many hours practicing it as well because that’s the only way to get good at it.

It is pretty tough at the beginning. If you’re not convinced that this is what you want to do, then you probably will find yourself wanting to quit constantly. Now, imagine spending hundreds of dollars in a bike, or any equipment for that matter, only to find that it is not what you expected.

If you decide to quit, getting rid of a cheaper bike is always easier than letting go of an expensive bike.

You Can Upgrade It

However, if you decide that you enjoy the sport more than you first thought, you can spend some extra money on improving your BMX bike.

The best benefit of these bikes is that you don’t even need to buy a whole new model. Instead, you can buy newer parts and adjust them to yours. It is very exciting to give the bike our unique personal style.

Nonetheless, if you decide to buy a cheap bike, there are some things you must keep in mind.

Before Buying a Cheap BMX Bike, You Should Know

Unfortunately, there are obvious limitations when it comes to cheap BMX bikes. You have to remember that manufacturers normally reduce the quality of the parts to offer lower prices.

Before you make your decision to buy, you should know the following information.

Not Enough Flexibility

One of the reasons why we buy one of these bikes is because they gave us plenty of freedom. It allows us to ride the bike with total comfort and perform amazing stunts to show our skills.

After you’ve obtained enough skills, you might want to do more and more, learn new things, and achieve greater goals. Sadly, a cheap bike usually can’t accomplish that.

If you plan to use it for simple cycling on the streets, then you should not worry and buy one of these bikes. However, if what you want is to perform high-quality stunts, then you might need to consider buying a more expensive bike.

There’s a reason why they are not suitable for stunts. Manufacturers reduce the quality of the bike’s parts to ensure its low price. Naturally, if they implement high-quality parts, the price goes way up, which is not what they want.

Lacks Warranty

It is important to remember that when we pay for an expensive bike, we’re not only paying for the equipment. We’re also paying to every person that put their time and effort producing it, and we pay to get customer service as well. This service includes a warranty.

While cheaper bikes have their advantages, expensive bikes give us the relief of knowing that we have customer support to clear our concerns. Additionally, the warranty is another major plus, which ensures we get the proper replacement parts if something bad happens.

What to Look For in a Cheap BMX Bike

The following are two things that you should look for in a cheap bike for it to be good. These parts are responsible for your general success and safety in this sport.

The Frame

The frame is, possible, the most relevant part of the bike because it gives you control. Cheaper bikes don’t offer the best frames possible, but you still want to look for a solid structure. You’re going to need a durable and lightweight frame for a good experience.


Alright, the brakes are indispensable, and we should put our focus on them, especially when we are buying a cheap bike. The other parts work well even with low quality, but the brakes are responsible for our safety, and we’re going to need them working at their best.

If it’s possible, look for bikes that include brakes from a brand with a good reputation. Or, you can test the brakes cycling at a slow pace first. It will give you a better idea about how functional the brakes are, and what you can and cannot do with them.

Final Verdict

Cheaper BMX bikes are great for beginners and riders that don’t have an aggressive riding style. If you want a bike for stunts and fancy tricks, then you should consider an expensive bike that offers higher versatility and quality.

Why You Should Use The Best BMX Helmet?


Congratulations! The fact that you’re here demonstrates that you understand how dangerous BMX is, and you’re looking to know more about the best BMX helmet and why it is necessary.

We have gathered five reasons why the helmet is important. It might not seem like the cool thing to do, but your body and mental health will appreciate that you wear it.

Without anything else to add, let’s go through the top reasons to get a BMX helmet.

Protect Your Head

The main purpose of the best BMX helmet is not to keep you from falling, but to give you enough support to protect your head when you drop to the ground.

Many people are starting their way into this sport. Unfortunately, not all of them give the helmet the importance it deserves. We’re so used to see the cool kids ride their bikes without helmets on TV. It is a common misconception about what you should do because helmets are necessary.

Did you know that the main cause of death for cyclists is an injury to the head? It might not seem like it, but even the smallest bump to our heads could cause a concussion, which makes us lose our focus and might produce an accident.

As prepared as you might feel, falling is a common occurrence in BMX. We will fail many times before completing our stunts, and it only takes one hit to the head to cause damage.

When these accidents happen, then you will need to rush to the emergency room. Assistance from a hospital translates in bills to pay. Not wearing a helmet might lead to an accident, and you might end up having to use a lot of money to pay for the treatments.

Don’t become another statistic. Use your helmet. Professional riders have been practicing this sport for many years, and even they use their helmets up to this day.

It Keeps Your Head Protected… With Style

The amount of helmet’s diversity is off the charts. We can find them in different colors, shapes, sizes and an incredible variety of accessories for us as well. Additionally, it is a good way to show off your style, especially if you design it to match with the rest of your equipment.

You can also add stickers, drawings, and any other cool design you might consider necessary. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to you to make your helmet look awesome.

It Protects Your Face

Objects might come in your way when you are riding your BMX at high speeds, or while performing any stunt. The helmet not only protects your head from taking hard impacts when you fall, but it also keeps external objects or trash from hitting your face.

It is important that you maintain your sight clear without anything getting in the way. If you lose track of where you are, chances are you will probably suffer an unpleasant accident.

Obligatory Use

At some locations across the United States, and many other world locations, it is mandatory for BMX riders to wear a proper helmet.

If you don’t want to wear a helmet for your safety, at least do it to follow the law and avoid sanctions.

Set a Good Example

After becoming a successful BMX professional, you will gain a lot of fans that admire you. There is no way you are going to let them down, am I right? Show the kids that wearing a helmet is something they should always do.


These are the main five reasons why you should use the best BMX helmet. As you can see, a great helmet provides many benefits. It is a valuable investment that will give you the security you need.

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