The Heart symbol

The borders of the Icelandic Highlands roughly outline the shape of a heart. Moreover, the natural scientist and author Guðmundur Páll Ólafsson has described the Highlands as the heart of the country: "As long as we can stand our ground: to defend the Highlands, the very heart of the country itself, with cunning and courage as their sword and their shield. We must defend them now or never. At stake is our reputation, yours and mine, the very honor of all Icelanders, past, present and to come."

The heart is golden to represent the wealth inherent to the unspoiled Highlands. Furthermore, the heart is formed from two rings that represent loyalty to what we hold dear.

The following NGO´s stand firmly to provide protection to the highlands

                         Samút. Samtök útivistarfélaga

By signing the petition you support the following organizations in their plea that the Icelandic highlands will be spared from further construction

The Icelandic Highlands form one of the largest territories in Europe, south of the Arctic Circle, which has never been inhabited or cultivated. The area is renowned for its unparalleled geology and geomorphology; pristine oases in the midst of an exceptionally contrasting landscape that is formed by a unique combination of fire and ice. Therefore, the Icelandic Highlands are considered one of the last great wildernesses in Europe.

Over the last few decades, the Highlands have been under siege, threatened by increasing pressure to build power plants, built-up roads, and power lines. Specifically, there are proposals to make a built-up road across Kjölur plateau, another built-up road across Sprengisandur plateau along with high-voltage power lines, and Icelandic power companies are preparing to build up to fifteen power plants in the Highlands. In a Capacent-Gallup poll in 2015, the majority of respondents (over 60%) said they favored a national park in the Highlands. The proposed projects would thus be at odds with the will of the nation.

In addition, more than 80% of foreign tourists say that the Icelandic nature is their main reason for visiting Iceland. Please sign this petition, and thereby support Landvernd’s (Icelandic Environment Association) demand that the Highlands - the heart of Iceland - should be spared the proposed construction.

By signing the petition you support the organizations in their plea that the Icelandic highlands will be spared from further constructions 

Landvernd Ferðaklúbburinn 4x4 Ferðafélag Íslands Ferðafélagið Útivist Samtök útivistarfélaga (Samút) - Skúlatúni 6 - 105 Reykjavík - +354 552 5242 -