Beginner BMX Tricks and Safety Issues


BMX is a sport in which you can perform a wide variety of stunts. We’ve seen other people do it, and we have tried to replicate it over many hours of practice. They’re tough to achieve, but once we get it right, we realize it was worth it.

It is not easy. Like any other sport, practice is what makes the master. We only need the proper instructions, the best BMX bike on the market, and our safety equipment to avoid accidents.

If you’ve got everything ready, then it is time for us to talk about the most popular BMX tricks, what you need to do them successfully, and all the preparation they require.

Safety Measures

Before we even attempt to do any stunt, it is important to have the proper safety equipment to protect us. We’re going to fall many times before mastering certain tricks, and the last thing we need is hurting our body.

A Helmet

The first thing you’ll need is a proper helmet. It will keep us from hurting our head, which is very important to avoid concussions or even brain damage. Yes, I know it sounds a bit too extreme, but there is never enough precaution when our health is on the line.

We should not take the BMX sport lightly either. The first rule to practicing any extreme sport is to understand they are dangerous. As long as we respect the sport, we’ll have a better comprehension of how dangerous it is.

Nonetheless, you should always wear a helmet. A good helmet keeps your head secured, and you can customize it as well. Adjusting the helmet to your style is quite satisfying.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Most of the stunts you’ll do with BMX require complete use of your limbs. You will need to use the strength of your arms to lift the bike, but most tricks also need us to use our legs to apply pressure.

The pads for both elbows and knees ensure your joints don’t suffer from nasty impacts.

Plenty of manufacturers sell these pads in a set. They feature a similar design, with the brand’s colors and unique characteristics. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about equipment that doesn’t match.

A Great BMX Bike

Of course, we’re going to need a proper BMX bike as well. We must remember that there are many types of bikes, which could confuse people, especially when we’re beginners.

For instance, we can find bikes like the Schwinn bikes. These bikes fall in the BMX category, and they’re good, but they are not what you want if you need to perform high-quality stunts. You want to buy a bike with a solid frame structure, with abuse-resistant tires, quality pedals, and great parts. Only the best BMX bikes are capable of performing the stunts we want to do.

Most Popular BMX Tricks

Now that you’ve got everything set to go, there are a couple of tricks we want to advise you trying. These tricks take some time, but if you practice them regularly, you’re going to master them quickly.


The J-Hop is one of the most common tricks for BMX bike riders. To do it, you must pull up your front tire and lean back. Once the front wheel is at a considerable height, you want to put pressure on the back wheel and pull up.

Tire Stall

This trick is perfect for park areas. You must drive straight forward to the transition. Here, you must perform a J-Hop and turn your bike in any direction you want, completing a 90 degrees turn. At the top of the transition, you want to hold the bike in its place and hop 90 degrees back.


The disaster is a park trick as well. Riding right to the front of the transition, you must J-Hop at the top, and perform a 180 degrees spin. As soon as you hit the ground, make sure the front wheel is in, and then hop back again.

Fakie Out

The Fakie Out might seem very simple, but it’d amaze you the amount of focus and effort it requires. To do it, you have to roll back and pedal backward at the same time. Then, do a quick turn to gain a straight position and continue riding.


Performing awesome stunts requires time, effort, and self-awareness. Before we master our technique, we’re going to fall constantly, which is why you should always have the proper preparation, and the safety measures this sport demands.